Cumulus Linux 3.1 is released!

  • 6 September 2016
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We are excited to announce the release of Cumulus Linux 3.1, which accelerates the architectural transition to 25/100G leaf-spine topologies from 10/40G for public and private cloud customers.

Architecting a network with 25/100G switches offers higher capacity and 2.5 times more bandwidth for almost the same cost as 10/40G while future proofing your investments. This release broadens our portfolio of 25/100G platforms across multiple ASICs to include new platforms from Mellanox, Edge-Core, and HPE.

To expedite the adoption of 25/100G leaf-spine topology, we are expanding our HCL to support the industry’s first dedicated 25G switch from Mellanox. Additional new platforms supported by this release include half-width 100G and 40G open Ethernet switches from Mellanox for hyper-converged and other lower density environments.

Cumulus Linux 3.1 includes wide range of new and enhanced software features, including VXLAN with VLAN-aware bridges and tunable forwarding table profiles.

Please refer to the release notes to get the details for all the new features.

Try Cumulus VX 3.1 and experience it yourself right now!

3 replies

+1 for qinq
I am hoping to be able to support QinQ tunneling on a Cumulus box soon. I had heard that this was on the roadmap and may be available in 3.1 or 3.2. I checked the release notes for 3.1 and did not see any mention of QinQ. Is there any update on when or what version this may be supported?

very nice, quick question,
forwarding_table.profile, default vs v4-lpm-heavy, v6-lpm-heavy
doc isn't very clear about the difference, scale number looks same to me.