Cumulus VX 2.5.4 is Live

  • 16 November 2015
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We’re pleased to announce the availability of Cumulus VX version 2.5.4. This release includes the following features:

Enhanced Network Virtualization: With added functionality for Lightweight Network Virtualization (LNV), customers can now deploy VXLANs without a central controller in small to medium environments. The addition of head end replication eliminates the need for complex multicast in underlay networks while VXLAN active-active enables operation and configuration of VXLAN within a multi-chassis link aggregation (MLAG) deployment.

Management VRF: This feature enables managing and/or troubleshooting the switch without the use of data-forwarding ports, preventing potential interference with data forwarding.

IPv6 Resilient Hashing: Resilient hashing ensures that when a member link in an ECMP group fails, flows on that link are moved to an unaffected link while preserving existing flows on the unaffected links. With 2.5.4, we are extending this functionality to work with IPv6 routes in addition to existing IPv4 functionality.

BFD Enhancements: This release adds support for using BFD with OSPF in IPv6 mode as well as operational enhancements for using BFD with BGP and OSPF in IPv4 mode.

Read the release notes for more information about new features and learn about any known issues.

If you have any questions, please email or leave a post here on the Community.

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