Cumulus VX 2.5.5 is now live!

  • 22 December 2015
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Cumulus VX is a community-supported virtual appliance that enables cloud administrators and network engineers to preview and test Cumulus Networks technology at zero cost. You can build sandbox environments to learn open networking concepts, prototype network operations and script & develop applications risk-free. With Cumulus VX, you can get started with open networking at your pace, on your time, and in your environment.
These release notes support Cumulus VX 2.5.5 and describe its features and known issues.

Cumulus VX Features
  • Integrates with KVM, VirtualBox and VMware hypervisors
  • Runs within GNS3 and Vagrant environments
  • VM is a 64-bit operating system based on Cumulus Linux 2.5.5

Downloading Cumulus VX You can download any of the of the four Cumulus VX images:
  • An OVA disk image for use with VirtualBox.
  • A VMware-specific OVA disk image.
  • A qcow2 disk image for use with KVM.
  • A Box image for use with Vagrant.
Configuration Notes Keep in mind the following issues when you are running your Cumulus VX virtual machine.

Enabling SNMP in Quagga There is no SNMP support for Quagga in Cumulus VX. Due to this circumstance, you must remove all references to smux in each of the following configuration files. If the smux entries are present in the configuration files, the daemons in the 2.5 packaged version of Quagga will not start.
  1. cd /etc/quagga
  2. grep smux *
  3. Delete all lines in the config files containing the smux keyword.
The references to smux that must be removed are:
  • In bgpd.conf, remove this line: smux peer quagga_bgpd
  • In ospf6d.conf, remove this line: smux peer quagga_ospf6d
  • In ospfd.conf, remove this line: smux peer quagga_ospfd
  • In zebra.conf, remove this line: smux peer quagga_zebra

Perl, Python and BDB Modules Any Perl scripts that use the DB_File module or Python scripts that use the bsddb module won't run under Cumulus VX.For more information please see the release notes here.

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