ansible-playbook run always return as "Changed" with port configuration

  • 25 October 2018
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I am learning to Ansible to manage the Cumulus Linux (v3.7.1) on AS7712-32X. I found that when run a playbook for port configuration it always show the task as "changed", even though nothing changed in the playbook file.

For example here is a simple task:
 - name: add swp31s2 as access connection to VLAN 16
- add interface swp31s2 link speed 10000
- add interface swp31s2 mtu 9000
- add interface swp31s2 bridge access 16

- name: commit the changes
commit: true

When run this playbook repeatedly I always see:
TASK [add swp31s2 as access connection to VLAN 16] ****************************************************************************
changed: []

For other nclu commands, like add a ntp server.,etc then it run as normal. i.e no changed on 2nd run if nothing really changed.

So my question here is: Is this a normal behavior of the nclu module? If yes then what is it meaning?

1 reply

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Hi @jgao this is a known issue at this time with NCLU and Ansible. Someone is working on it and we hope to get a resolution before long.