Cumulus Ansible module and OSX

  • 7 March 2016
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I'm trying to use the Ansible module on my MBP running OSX but it seems that Cumulus module is trying to call them from /usr/cumulus/bin which does not exist:

fatal: [test1]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "cmd": "/usr/cumulus/bin/cl-license", "failed": true, "invocation": {"module_args": {"force": false, "src": "/tmp/cumulus.lic"}, "module_name": "cl_license"}, "msg": "[Errno 2] No such file or directory", "rc": 2}

is copying the library directory of the module to /usr/cumulus/bin needed or did I miss a PATH variable somewhere in the module setup ?


David R.

7 replies

Ok seems this path is hardcoded:

Could get a change to choose where to install these as it seems that since El-Capitan /usr is not accessible for sudo users except via disabling System Integrity Protection.

Isn't it trying to run the command on the switch? Is the missing file /tmp/cumulus.lic - is that in place (on the switch)?
Is is.
Error is on /usr/cumulus/bin which can't be populated on OSX due to System Integrity Protection.
But the ansible-galaxy install doesn't trigger any error at the setup.
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What is the play you are trying to run? It looks like you are trying to use the cumulus license module against your OSX device instead of a physical switch?
Hi pete,

running the module against a vx cumulus for testing the playbooks.
all my playbooks is fine except when using the cumulus module.

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aha! in Cumulus Vx there is no license, so the cl-license binary does not exist. You will see similar errors for ACLs.

Are you able to use the interfaces module successfully?

As a workaround it may be worth it to create a stub Bash script on your Vx node that simply returns true.
ok, will have a look.
Thanks for the feedback.