Does breakout supported by Ansible NCLU?

[update] Never mind. I figured it out. I had the port configured before. Got to delete it first.

I have a simple playbook to configure a breakout on AS-7712 and it failed. Could you please help me on this?

Here is my playbook:

$ cat breakout.yml
- name: core-02 Cumulus Linux Edge-Core AS7712-32X
hosts: core-02
remote_user: cumulus
become_method: sudo
become: yes
gather_facts: no

- name: "Breakout swp30 to 4x25G"
- add interface swp30 breakout 4x
- add interface swp30s0 link speed 25000
- add interface swp30s1 link speed 25000
- add interface swp30s2 link speed 25000
- add interface swp30s3 link speed 25000
- add interface swp30s0 mtu 9000
- add interface swp30s1 mtu 9000
- add interface swp30s2 mtu 9000
- add interface swp30s3 mtu 9000
commit: true

And the result shows:

TASK [breakout port 32 to 4x25G] ****************************************************************************************************
fatal: undefined0.36.10.6]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "msg": "Failed on line add interface swp30 breakout 4x"}

Thanks in advance.


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Glad you figured it out @jgao . Let us know if you have any more questions.