cldemo-vagrant with VMWare Provider

  • 17 March 2017
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I am successfully using cldemo-vagrant github code base ( to deploy "Cumulus Linux Demo Framework" on a CentOS 7 host where I used provider as Oracle VirtualBox. Also successfully I am able to run the automation

Now I want to use VMWare (vagrant-vmware-workstation) to deploy the Demo Framework on the same environment. But no file in the cldemo-vagrant code base talks about VMWare provider. So, I have a query:

Can I use VMWare Provider for the cldemo-vagrant?
If yes which file should I use and can I use to generate my Vagrantfile?

Please help me to deploy the framework using VMWare.

1 reply

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We don't currently build a vagrant image for the VMware provider at this time. We had tested the process of building one in a one-time capacity for the v3.2.0 release. See that discussion here --> I will relay the ask for an official vagrant image for the VMware provider.