cumulus cloud console doesn't load, netq console isn't launching

  • 2 September 2017
  • 5 replies

5 replies

however, i am accessing the environment by clicking on the node on the topology
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are you still having problems?
I didn't try for few days, but I didn't have any problems the way I accessed, like as I said - by clicking on the nodes/servers on the topology diagram
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I am not quite sure if you're still hitting the same problem, please try again.

It is working for me. We have been busy with some improvements so it is possible we've already resolved the original problem you encountered. However if you're still experiencing problems, please update this post.
i revisited the page today, guess the console is disabled?, i couldn't get into any device on ravello... i prefer the vagrant based emulation,but at times its slow to run the leaf-spine topo on my pc that has 8gb ram.