input / output policer & input / output shaper Questions

  • 4 July 2017
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I have read some post related to Policer but all are refering to a port configurations.

Is policer input / output supported per vlan or bridge interface?


swp1 -- > trunk

swp1.10 input/ouput 10Mbps
swp1.20 input/ouput 20Mbps
swp1.30 input/ouput 30Mbps

Any roadmap for shaping-rate input/output support per vlan?


3 replies

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Yes just apply it to the SVI, e.g. under the vlan interface if using NCLU, it will work
Hi sean,

we will not use SVI the scenario is:

PC <> vlan 10 <> swp1.10 <> vxlan <> evpn <> remote site <> evpn <> vxlan <> swp1.10 vlan 10 <> PC

Pure L2 circuit end to end.

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Hey Jorge,

Sorry for the slow response, wanted to check with engineering. You don't need an IP address on the VLAN interface (Switch VLAN Interface) to use a policer. It will work and perform expected functionality. In your case it looks like you are using sub-interfaces with traditional bridge. You would just put the policer on the bridge interface which acts as the SVI. I imagine so this is so you can re-use VLANs on ports but not be on the same broadcast domain? That is fine, just making sure you are aware of the VLAN-aware bridge which is simpler to configure if that is not a requirement.