L3 to the host rack on a laptop external routing issue

  • 18 May 2016
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I am under the impression that the (part II L3 to the host) is suppose to allow me to reach out to the internet?

I set it up, and I can ping the router as well as the other instances from within an instance, but I am not able to get out externally to say google. Is there a step I am missing?

4 replies

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Hi Ryan, you're seeing what was originally designed. Our next version/update of this demo will allow for access to the Internet. You aren't doing anything wrong, as it was originally designed as a standalone no-internet kiosk mode. Stay tuned!

Thanks, but can this be done? For example: I took the Ext_Rtr and changed around the interfaces so it would NAT out the vbox gateway. I can access the internet and I can ping my openstack instances from it. I can ping to Ext_Rtr as well on Except, for the life of me I can't get this to route from out the gateway that vbox has ALthough the RDO Servers have this gateway too and they can't access the internet.

I love a good challenge but f it's not possible for some reason or another. I am good with that too lol.

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With some tweaking to he configuration it should be possible. As stated above, this was created to give a look at the setup in a stand alone manner. Give is a chance to take a look at the configurations used and see what can be done.

I deleted my last post since all that stuff is not relevant anymore. I was able to install OVS on the Virtual External Router. Created a switch, added eth0 which I changed to be my NAT from Virtualbox. Then eth1 is the 192 and eth2 is the 203.

I then just created one simple nat rule to nat traffic from Eth2 to the ovs switch. This way it re-writes the IP with the outgoing box IP and route through virtual box and out to the internet.

I was able to get this instance up and working so now I have 2 cloud fedora images deployed using the example heat templates. Sweet!