openstack horizon access

  • 11 January 2018
  • 10 replies

would like to know how to access the horizon dashboard, on the OpenStack citc cloud flavor

10 replies

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There should be a button on the dashboard for it. Otherwise, the dashboard should have the IP address and you can try using the IP address/horizon or the IP address and port number to connect.
i just saw there i a link for the horizon, i clicked on it, but it doesn't open up,
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Hi Shakir, I reported this to the team who works on Cumulus in the Cloud. They can reproduce the issue and are investigating. Sorry for the inconvenience!
i jus tried, i can see the gui 🙂, domain and credentials please
please ignore, i got it from the adminrc file in server01, thank you...
not able to access since Sunday, it says provisioning all the time, tried rebuilding, deleting etc.
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@shakir you can't access the Horizon dashboard again, or CITC in general?
@Pete B CITC in general, should try again today
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Sorry to hear that. I’ll report it to the engineering team.
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Hey, @shakir - we had an outage on Sunday and simulations were queuing up without provisining until I restarted them Monday night. Try again, and if it still isn't working, send an email with your CITC landing page URL so we can take a closer look.