Vagrant up giving error for "CumulusCommunity/cumulus-vx" with VmWare Workstation as provider

  • 5 September 2017
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Bellow my set-up details

VMware®️ Workstation 12 Pro (12.5.7 build-5813279)

Vagrant 1.8.6

Vagrant Plugin
vagrant-vmware-workstation (4.0.24)

Error Log
[root@localhost Vagrant_Test]# vagrant up
Bringing machine 'oob-mgmt-switch' up with 'vmware_workstation' provider...
==> oob-mgmt-switch: Cloning VMware VM: 'CumulusCommunity/cumulus-vx'. This can take some time...
An error occurred while executing 'vmrun', a utility for controlling
VMware machines. The command and output are below:

Command: ["clone", "/root/.vagrant.d/boxes/CumulusCommunity-VAGRANTSLASH-cumulus-vx/3.2.0/vmware_desktop/cumulus-linux-3.2.0.vmx", "/home/tester/Downloads/Vagrant_Test/.vagrant/machines/oob-mgmt-switch/vmware_workstation/95e296cf-86a7-40b8-893e-07e8b2a96c3b/cumulus-linux-3.2.0.vmx", "linked", {:notify=>[:stdout, :stderr]}]

Stdout: Error: The file is already in use


Please help.

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Unfortunately I don't have any vmware products to test this with. We generally use the opensource stuff as there is no cost to experiment, KVM and virtualbox etc. Perhaps someone else on the community has experimented with the VMware plugin for Vagrant.

I did a quick google search for your issue and came across this response... have you tried this procedure? -->

Also consider upgrading to vagrant v1.9.7 which is the most recent version I've tested with for other hypervisors.