BGP EVPN fabric and ipv6 in symmetric vxlan routing

  • 12 February 2018
  • 3 replies

Hello community. Recently I had approached BGP EVPN as a solution for a DC fabric using Cumulus Linux. I did some tests with VX as well as on real hardware and realized that symmetric routing is what we really need. Having red EVPN documentation I found that IPv6 is not supported with symmetric routing. Do you plan to support it in a near future?

I actually tried to be obstinate and configure cl-demo with symmetric routing but I failed to see my routes installed. Did anybody have any experience with such a configuration?

3 replies

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Hi LuPo, we hope to support IPv6 in the near future, but I can't tell you exactly when.
Thanks Pete, I do appreciate it. Waiting for new exciting features from you guys.
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That's always great to hear, LuPo! After speaking with engineering, expect IPv6 pretty soon. 🙂