Cumulus 3.4.3 Root user credentials

  • 10 January 2018
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I have loaded the cumulus OS V 3.4.3 and when I try to access the Switch via SCP using Cumulus user login to upload the license.. I found that only read permission is assigned for Cumulus User.. and I was not able to copy the license key...

but I got to know that Tmp folder has write permission and there I copied the license key..

Now the challenge is I am not able to access that temp folder from cumulus user login.. for that I need to login via root user..

but it is asking me to enter the root user credentials which I am not aware of it.. and I searched in google and found that there will be no password for root user.. but then too it is asking me the password..

Can any one let me know the root user credentials so that I can login and activate the license of my switch...

4 replies

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The user "cumulus" is allowed to run "sudo" without a password.

So use: sudo cl-license -i licensefilename

Also be sure to change the cumulus password from the default, if you haven't already done so with the 'passwd' command.
The user "cumulus" is allowed to run "sudo" without a password.

So use: sudo cl-license -i lice...
I have tried the same but then too I am not able to upload the license..

I need to go to the path where the license key is uploaded.. but using cumulus user I am not able to go to that path..

I need to login to root user for that...

so i need the root user credentials..
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Perhaps you could cut and paste the command you are typing, and the output, since this should work.

You can either download the license to a file (using "licensefilename") in my example above, or you can use the the "-i" option to specify a URL to fetch it from.

Using the 'sudo' command makes you root (in normal usage), after you enter the password for the "cumulus" user, for the duration of the command.

You can also use 'sudo -s' to get a shell as the root user, then exit that shell when you are done, but generally it's better to use sudo one command at a time.
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This is a common method to insert a license as well.
echo '|thisisafakelicensetringhere' | sudo /usr/cumulus/bin/cl-license -i