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  • 8 February 2017
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Hi Community,

I want to know whether the ECN has been supported By Cumulus 3.2.0 on Broadcom Tomahawk.

We have some bare switches -- EdgeCore AS7712-32X and want to get Cumulus Network to install, but I don't know whether the latest Cumulus Network OS support ECN configuration on that switch.

Thanks for your help.

6 replies

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As of the newest Cumulus Linux release v3.2.1, released yesterday, support has been added for ECN on Tomahawk. I've also put in a request (internal issue id: UD-921) to update the 3.2.1 documentation to reflect this change --> Hope that answers your question!
Thanks. It's cool.
But, when and how can we get the newest release v3.2.1 and its documentation?
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v3.2.1 is available on the Cumulus downloads page ( ) Documentation specifically for v3.2.1 is available here -->
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The release notes and main page mentioned Tomahawk support. Not sure why the ECN doc page didn't say so, but it does now. Sorry for the confusion.
Thanks for your reply.
I found the configuration of ECN in v3.2.1 userguide is the same as v3.2.0.
Additionally, If we want to set/change the threshold for triggering ECN, like PFC as below, how can we achieve it?

Thanks for your help.
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Thanks for your reply.
I found the configuration of ECN in v3.2.1 userguide is the same as v3.2.0...
You can use the min_threshold and max_threshold arguments as shown below. # Explicit Congestion Notification # to configure ECN on a group of ports: # -- add or replace port group names in the port group list # -- assign cos value(s) to the cos list # -- for each port group in the list # -- populate the port set, e.g. # swp1-swp4,swp8,swp50s0-swp50s3 ecn.port_group_list = [ecn_port_group] ecn.ecn_port_group.cos_list = [3] ecn.ecn_port_group.port_set = swp1-swp4,swp6 ecn.ecn_port_group.min_threshold_bytes = 40000 ecn.ecn_port_group.max_threshold_bytes = 200000 ecn.ecn_port_group.probability = 100