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  • 8 February 2017
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Hi Community,

I want to know whether the ECN has been supported By Cumulus 3.2.0 on Broadcom Tomahawk.

We have some bare switches -- EdgeCore AS7712-32X and want to get Cumulus Network to install, but I don't know whether the latest Cumulus Network OS support ECN configuration on that switch.

Thanks for your help.

6 replies

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The release notes and main page mentioned Tomahawk support. Not sure why the ECN doc page didn't say so, but it does now. Sorry for the confusion.
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As of the newest Cumulus Linux release v3.2.1, released yesterday, support has been added for ECN on Tomahawk. I've also put in a request (internal issue id: UD-921) to update the 3.2.1 documentation to reflect this change --> Hope that answers your question!
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v3.2.1 is available on the Cumulus downloads page ( ) Documentation specifically for v3.2.1 is available here -->
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Thanks for your reply.
I found the configuration of ECN in v3.2.1 userguide is the same as v3.2.0...
You can use the min_threshold and max_threshold arguments as shown below. # Explicit Congestion Notification # to configure ECN on a group of ports: # -- add or replace port group names in the port group list # -- assign cos value(s) to the cos list # -- for each port group in the list # -- populate the port set, e.g. # swp1-swp4,swp8,swp50s0-swp50s3 ecn.port_group_list = [ecn_port_group] ecn.ecn_port_group.cos_list = [3] ecn.ecn_port_group.port_set = swp1-swp4,swp6 ecn.ecn_port_group.min_threshold_bytes = 40000 ecn.ecn_port_group.max_threshold_bytes = 200000 ecn.ecn_port_group.probability = 100
Thanks. It's cool.
But, when and how can we get the newest release v3.2.1 and its documentation?
Thanks for your reply.
I found the configuration of ECN in v3.2.1 userguide is the same as v3.2.0.
Additionally, If we want to set/change the threshold for triggering ECN, like PFC as below, how can we achieve it?

Thanks for your help.