Hi all,

I have being trying to configure OSPF with just two switches and i am facing some issues here.

Initially it got up and running but now now it has been so long time troubleshooting but it is getting stuck in EXTSTAT only. I tried changing MTU and restarted everything several times but its still not getting through the master/slave thing.

Secondly, can anyone guide me how to install quagga for the first time.

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Hi Sahil, glad you figured that out. However, what version of Cumulus Linux are you running? Since version 3.4, we're using FRRouting for routing, not Quagga. https://docs.cumulusnetworks.com/display/DOCS/Configuring+FRRouting

EDIT: Cumulus Linux started supporting FRR in version 3.4, not 3.2.
Got my issue resolved. 🙂 Whenever i post issue here, i get my resolution automatically.

leaf1:~$ sudo vtysh ( this made me configure easily )