Upgrade of Cumulus 3.4.3 to 3.6 Licence

Hi Folks,

I tried upgrading the 3.4.3 cumulus os using sudo -E apt-get update and apt-get upgrade command but I found that cumulusnetworks.com is not reachable to download the packages online even my firewall is allowed all the traffic...

so then decided to take the backup of 3.4.3 and uninstall the same and install 3.6 OS .. before doing that I need to know the licence key of 3.4.3 switch.. can anyone help me out with the command to check the key which is installed in the switch..?

advance thanks 🙂

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To check or view the license on the switch, you can use the command "cl-license"
See "sudo cl-license -h" for more details.

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You can always test the reachability of the repo using a browser as well. This is hosted in a public cloud and should be up at all times. Verify your switch can resolve the repo URL with nslookup repo3.cumulusnetworks.com.