vnet interfaces on ubuntu

  • 5 November 2017
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i am trying to use two interfaces eth1 and eth2 on the same ubuntu server to two different cumulus linux switches (all virtual), how do i enable bridging here on the ubuntu to use vlans 10 and 20.. i had seen this sample config -- auto br-10
iface br-10 inet manual
bridge-ports eth1.10 vnet0

auto br-20
iface br-20 inet manual
bridge-ports eth2.20 vnet1... would like to know, why do we need vnets here as we are already using two eth interfaces

1 reply

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Maybe you're hosting a pair of Cumulus Vx VMs on a dual-connected Ubuntu server... maybe the Ubuntu server and the Cumulus Vx devices are all inside a simulation? There is not enough info here for me to offer a response.

This is what a configuration looks like with a traditional bridge and multiple ports in case that helps:

auto bridge
iface bridge inet manual
bridge-ports eth1.20 eth2.20 vnet0 vnet1