I found this great demo using ansible with iBGP on the Cumulus Workbench, but how do I access the host machines?

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That link is very cool, but how do I access the hosts in the diagram at the top?

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The only two host operating system the CW (cumulus workbench) supports right now is Ubuntu or VMware ESXi First do this on the workbench VM (the VM you logged into to access the switches).
  cumulus@wbench:~$ sudo bash  root@wbench:~# apt-get -q -y update  
For VMware:
root@wbench:~# apt-get install cldemo-wbench-osinstaller-vmwareesxi55
For Ubuntu
root@wbench:~# apt-get install cldemo-wbench-osinstaller-ubuntuserver-trusty
Then kick the boxes (reboot them so PXE installs the OS for you) For server1:
cw-pxehelper -s server1 -o ubuntuserver-trusty -n
For server2:
cw-pxehelper -s server2 -o ubuntuserver-trusty -n
More info on the Cumulus WorkBench User Guide: https://support.cumulusnetworks.com/hc/en-us/articles/203005993-Cumulus-Workbench-User-Guide#installing_ubuntu_server