802.1ag, 802.3ah and/or Y.1731 features

Are any of these standards/recommendations on a roadmap for support?

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As of right now, none of these standards are on the roadmap.
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Hi Troy, These are generally used in service provider networks for metro-ethernet. What is your use case for these features on a data center switch?
We're looking to push the boundaries a bit/expand the use cases where we can apply this technology. In addition to a pure data center role we are using these switches for some distribution much like a normal service provider and there are several more customer opportunities for us to address if we could do more of the MEF feature set.
Are there hardware limitations that prevent this support or is it just a matter of a lack of customer interest to date and/or a product focus limitation?
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Hey Troy,

Having worked on MetroE in the past, I can attest these are complicated features. The ASICs have some of the feature set as I recall, but I am not sure they do everything. I think the OAM/CFM part would have to be handled in the kernel, but I forgot a lot of the nitty-gritty details to be honest. I suppose the bulk of the dataplane stuff is done, with the 802.1ad being implemented. It is all the other "stuff" that we would need to add. If there is an open-source daemon to handle the control-plane parts, that would definitely bolster the feasibility of implementing this.

Needless to say, nobody has asked for these features, since there is no FR filed. Please talk to your account team, and they can open an FR with the details of your use-case, and other pertinent business factors that will help to triage this.