affects of switchd restart


restarting the switchd service is required in some situations such as changing the breakout ports.

Does restarting the switchd process affects the dataplane and packet forwarding by the switch silicon?


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Yes on Cumulus Linux (not VX) switchd restarts are disruptive and bring down switchports.
Thanks. how long is the disruption in average ?
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Hey Reza, There is multiple ASICs, CPUs, platforms, etc. That being said it I have seen it take between half a second to 15 seconds... it depends on a lot of variables (please do not take this as a 'all cases', I have not touched every single platform, this is just Sean playing with it a lot over 2 years. I highly recommend talking to your CSE (Customer Solutions Engineer) at Cumulus to get a more precise answer on the platform your seek. Simply email and we can hook you up. In the past we have also talked about certain features like breakout ports being non-disruptive. Right now this is not the case, but maybe in the future depending on customer demands this could change. The main two cases for switchd restarts are for initial license installation, and breakout ports. It should not be a common thing to have to restart switchd.

Thanks Sean for clarification.