Counting transit traffic on SVIs

  • 5 April 2019
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I'm trying to count traffic that's being routed in and out of a customer VLAN by way of a SVI.

By default, the counters on the SVI devices appears to only include traffic to/from the control plane. The transit traffic that I'm interested in does not cause the counters to increment.

I've been trying to manually create ACLs that do the same thing, but it quickly gets complicated. In particular, the lack of support for fall-through rules makes it difficult to create a set of counter rules that does not pre-empt (or get pre-empted by) the «real» ACL rules for the SVI in question.

So my question is - is there some nice and easy solution to this problem? I do not mind burning some TCAM space to make it happen.

My switches are as5812-54x (td2+).

1 reply

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You can enable sFlow and use an sFlow analyzer to create the traffic report.