Cumulus Linux and librenms ?

Hi There,

My company use some of Cumulus Linux based switches and under Librenms (have a look in github) they just seen as plain linux (which is good).

I would like to know if some people has already done some work on adding all the extented snmp MIB on librenms... or if nobody has done this work, just need a green light for Cumulus Linux maintainers (in this case I need also a little icon too).


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I'm the net-snmp maintainer from Cumulus....and a big fan of LibreNMS. I don't know of anyone having added the Cumulus enterprise MIBs to it so feel free to do that. If I can be of any help,
please feel free to email me (
I have added basic support on librenms on pull request #3237, have to find a good icon for it, have any suggestions ?

I have plans to add CUMULUS-RESOURCES-MIB support but I don't have yet a right idea to make it nice... 🙂