Cumulus linux for campus

Dear Experts,

In recent announcement i saw 802.1x mentioned. I haven't searched thoroughly but i thought cumulus was designed for data centers?

Do we have any docs that highlight campus specific features that are supported, some of them which are eagerly sought after customers are

  • RPVST+
  • PoE+
  • Private vlans, port isolation
list is surenly long but just want to get the taste

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Hi Ovais, yes we do have some campus features, including 802.1X interfaces and PoE/PoE+. Here are the docs for them:

We do support RPVST+, but it's not documented (I'll work on that). However, RPVST+ only works with bridges in traditional mode, so it would require a manual configuration on your part. Here are the traditional bridge mode docs to help you get started:

We don't support private VLANs/port isolation at this time.

I hope this helps.

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We've just recently picked up some voice-vlan support in v3.5.0

We have been talking about DHCP snooping for some time -- think it's targeted for an upcoming release soon. Dynamic Arp Inspection (DAI) has also been discussed and I BELIEVE..... is on the roadmap.