Cumulus Linux on Dell N1148t-ON

  • 16 October 2019
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I have been playing arround with Cumulus VX under VIrtualBox but I am looking at the posibility of getting a physical device to put Cumulus on.  I am looking at the Dell N1148T-ON which supports ONIE OS loading but I do not see it on any hardware compatibility list.  Is there any way to tell if it is supported by Cumulus?  

10 replies

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The N1148t isn’t  supported by Cumulus Linux.

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Does this switch have a PowerPC CPU? If so, then we wouldn’t support it as of Cumulus Linux 3.0.0, which is when we stopped supporting PowerPC platforms.

I can’t tell what sort of CPU it has from reading Dell’s docs. But right now we do not support it. I’ve asked to determine if that might change at some point.

Thanks for the response and thanks for checking. 


Is there a decently priced switch that supports Cumulus that has 36 to 48 x 1 Gb RJ45 ports and at least 4 x 10 Gb SFP+ that is fanless.  The fanless requirement is where I am having a hard time finding a switch that fits that need.  


I will see if I can find out what the processor is on the S1148t-ON.  

Looking at the ONIE installer files it looks like the N1100-ON series of switches are based on an ARMv7-A CPU.  

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Hi @CharlesLaCour i asked our lead platform engineer and he suggested the Accton 4610-54t as it is fanless.  Its PSU does not have a fan either. I hope this helps!

Thanks for getting that info.  From what I can find that switch is about $1,000 more than the $1,300 for the Dell switch so I will have to think about it.

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Actually don’t go ordering a 4610 just yet @CharlesLaCour ! The engineer noticed that current models of the 4610 do indeed have fans, so we may have had a prototype in the lab that was fanless. Sorry about that. If we can get you more recommendations, I’ll let you know.

Looking at a bunch of documentation on the vendor’s site as well as resellers it was a bit confusing looking through it.   It seem that there are different models.  The POE ones definitely have fans but it seems that the non-POE don't have internal fans but there also seems to be PSUs with fans and without.  

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Yeah it does seem very confusing. Hopefully we’ll hear back from Edgecore with some clearer answers. I’ll keep you posted. 

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Hi @CharlesLaCour: so bad news, there are fans in the 4610. From Edgecore:

4610-54T front to back air flow:
Only PSU has fans
4610-54T back to front air flow:
PSU has fans
Extra two fixed back to front fans in the units