Cumulus Linux Upgrade Procedure

  • 1 September 2018
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Hi guys,

I need to upgrade Cumulus on four switches, but since I never did, I installed a VM on my computer, version 3.6.0, and I'm trying to upgrade to version 3.6.2.
I do not want to do this upgrade through "apt-get". I already did and it worked.
I want to upgrade through the .BIN image.
I performed the procedure described in the official documentation several times without success.
I used the methods of Installing Through FTP Without Web Server and Installing Through a Local File.
The image is copied to the VM, apparently installed, and the machine restarts.
When it returns, it climbs by Onie and searches for some files by TFTP.
I tried everything and nothing worked.
Can anyone send me a Cumulus upgrade procedure by .BIN image, step by step that works?

Thank you.

1 reply

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The docs do work, although the VX binary installs through onie have had more problems than on real switches.

It's hard to help with your problem without knowing any details of what failed for you.

Can you show exactly what steps you tried, from the point you were running 3.6.0, to the failure?

To avoid issues of trying to use discovery from ONIE in a VM through the hypervisor, I'd recommend the same thing as on a switch, and start from CL with the command
onie-install -a -i URL_to_a_.bin_image
and after that fetches the image, reboot.