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We are using Arista  (EOS) switches in our environment atm and will moving towards Cumulus in the near future.

Currently we are able to make customised “show” commands to resolve asn number, ip address etc to some meaningful string and format the output to suit our use cases in some of the standard show ip bgp|mroute outputs. 

Therefore we would like to build similar show command which can be invoked via “net” utility tool (like net show hello-world) 

However I am not able to find any related resources and would be great if someone provide some pointers. 


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Extending NCLU for custom commands is not currently documented, I’ve done it personally and can say that you probably don’t want to do that as there are lots of moving parts and there can be some unforeseen effects unless you’re a pretty good programmer. 

What would make more sense is to write your own command like this.

cat << EOT > /usr/bin/custom_command

# Do your customizations here from existing outputs
# You could also write a python script here too.
net show interface | grep swp

chmod +x /usr/bin/custom_command



Hi Eric

Make more sense via the method you suggested.

Thank you