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  • 5 November 2018
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i have created a couple of vlans with the command "net add vlan id" and i haven't assign them to any port. I am wondering which command can display vlan database

I have tried the "bridge vlan show" and nothing

cumulus@spine01:~$ bridge vlan show
port vlan ids
bridge None

the only way i can see which vlans are configured on the bridge is with

cumulus@spine01:~$ net show configuration | grep vids
bridge-vids 100 200 300

Is there a command that can display the configured vlan on the bridge similar to the cisco "show vlan"


3 replies

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Hi @Goncalo have you tried `net show bridge vlan`?
Hi Pete, thank you for replying. I have tried that command too. It only shows vlan if they are assigned to a switch port.

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The `net show bridge vlan` should display bridge output, including the VIDs. Something like this:

bridge 5

But I can't get it to show either; however, others here can. I need to dig into this some more.