Finding Brodcasting Port

  • 21 February 2019
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HI Team,

I have 1G management switch on L2 network...

Connected with lot of hosts...

In one of the PC I have got virtual IP.. and it is doing broadcasting in the switch... now I need to figure out from which port I am getting broadcast message...

How do I find out in Cumulus...

Thanks and Rregards,

4 replies

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Have you tried `sudo cl-netstat`?
I don't think so netstat is available….

Basically I need to identify from which port the broadcasts are happening...
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OK, I asked one of our consultants and he suggested a couple things:

* Run `ethtool -S swpX` to see broadcast numbers, but the count cannot be cleared except by rebooting. You could then either write a script to figure out which port or run the command 48 times (once per port) and find the highest number in the broadcast field.
ethtool -S ethX 

NIC statistics:
tx_packets: 148683
rx_packets: 179489
tx_errors: 0
rx_errors: 0
rx_missed: 0
align_errors: 0
tx_single_collisions: 0
tx_multi_collisions: 0
unicast: 116884
broadcast: 25361
multicast: 61674
tx_aborted: 0
tx_underrun: 0

* You could try SPAN/ERSPAN and Wireshark on a remote node.
Thanks for the information...

Here I am not allowed to install any software or Tools as its against the policy...

As I have 48 ports.. you mentioned me to run the command "ethtool -S ethX" command for each port..

is there any other easy way to find out the same...

Cumulus Linux can do lot many things but I guess for this also we should have some solution...

Support team asked me to run the below command based on the VLAN's
"tcpdump -i vlanX broadcast" but again my challenge is all 48 ports are in same VLAN.. 😞