Give IP to bridge / loopback by net add interface error!

When read the Cumulus Linux userguide 3.2.1 there is instruct add IP into bridge with command:

net add interface bridge ip address

I tested but it gave me:

ERROR: 'net (add|del) bridge ...' must be used to edit the bridge interface

And when test with command:

net add interface lo ip address

It gave the error:

ERROR: 'net (add|del) loopback ...' must be used to edit a loopback interface

I want to know why the userguide gave me the instruction but i cannot run the command? And need to know how to do it right? Thanks!

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Hi Tuan,

Thanks for pointing out the error from the command provided in the user guide. We will have that fixed.

For 3.2.1, using NCLU to configure the IP address for an SVI, please use:

cumulus@switch:~$ net add bridge bridge ports swp1-2
cumulus@switch:~$ net add vlan 10 ip address

That example is from this section in the user guide:

For configuring the IP address for a loopback interface, please use:
cumulus@switch:$ net add loopback lo ip address

Thank you for your reply!
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Thanks for catching this. Sorry for the confusion, Tuan. I updated the docs.