Is EIGRP suppotred / planned in Cumulus Linux?

  • 9 June 2017
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Is EIGRP protocol supported or planned to be supported on Cumulus Linux?
I read about FRRouting and it seems to have some sort of support (

As an additional question, are there any plans to switch to FRR for Cumulus Linux?

Thank you.


3 replies

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Support of EIGRP was just added to FRR a couple weeks ago... looks like May 9th per this commit from our developer who helped to work on the implementation --> as of this moment there are no plans on the roadmap to support EIGRP, as of now the plans are for it to remain an upstream effort. In other words it will be in our FRR release be we aren't testing it/hardening it/developing on it. We are always listening to our customers however, so if you'd like us to add support let your SE know. (I've just told him on your behalf)
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Eric, thank you for reply.
Regarding second part of my question, are there any plans to call Cumulus's routing suite FRR? Or, it will stay separate community project ?
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FRR is planned to be the default routing suite for Cumulus starting in the 3.4 release.