Is there a EOL for support for the AS4610-54T?

  • 2 August 2017
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on the Hardware Compatibility List I can see that the EdgeCore AS4600-54T is only supporting CL up to version 2.5.x.

Is there a Roadmap or an estimated EOL for the EdgeCore AS4610-54T (upgrades for the next x years, security updates for the next y years)?


4 replies

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Hi Soeren,

Our Release Versioning and Support Policy is posted here:

The following is pulled from that article:
Starting with Cumulus Linux and Cumulus RMP 2.5.6 and including all later versions in the 2.5.z release cycle, version 2.5 has transitioned into an extended support phase (ESR). This brings the server-side Long-Term Support (LTS) release model to networking, giving customers the choice between Cumulus Linux and Cumulus RMP 2.5 ESR, a mature and stable operating system, and the new Cumulus Linux 3.0, with the latest and greatest features. Cumulus Networks will continue support and maintain Cumulus Linux and Cumulus RMP 2.5 ESR for 3 years, until the end of 2018.
Thanks for your reply Nick.
Unfortunatley this didn't answer my question completely. So let me try to put my question more precise: Will the EdgeCore AS4610-54T Switch get CumulusLinux version 4.0?

Thanks a lot!
Soeren: starting 3.0, we only add x86 & ARM based platforms. PPC platforms were restricted to the 2.5 ESR branch. EdgeCore AS4600-54T is a PPC platform and hence, won't have support for 4.0. EdgeCore AS4610-54T is an ARM variant and the current intention is to support it in the 4.0 mainline as well.
Thank you Mohit, that clarified it a lot.