LACP VMWare ESXI with route based on ip hash

  • 14 February 2019
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I'm trying to do LACP between my switchs runnin' CumuluLinux 2.5.7 and a VMware ESXs (6).
The Vswitch's load balancing is already set to "route based on ip hash".

On the CumulusLinux switches's side I put this configuration:

auto lacp-swp35
iface lacp-swp35
bond-slaves swp35
bond-mode 802.3ad
bond-min-links 1
bond-miimon 100
bond-use-carrier 1
bond-lacp-rate 1
bond-xmit-hash-policy layer3+4
mstpctl-bpduguard yes
mtu 9000
clag-id 35
bridge-vids 1000,3010

auto swp35
iface swp35
bridge-vids 3010
mtu 9000

I don't have warning or errors after a "ifreload -a"
But it is not working. The Esx node is unreachable after the "ifreload -a".

I also try to put the interfaces on the bridge-ports's line :

bridge-ports peer-link lacp-swp49 lacp-swp50 swp1 swp2 swp3 swp4 swp5 swp6 swp7 swp8 swp9 swp10 swp11 swp12 swp13 swp14 swp15 swp16 swp17 swp18 swp19 swp20 swp21 swp22 swp23 swp24 swp44 swp45 swp46 swp47 swp48 swp25 swp26 swp27 swp28 swp29 swp30 swp31 swp32 swp33 swp34 swp35 lacp-swp35 swp36

Do I miss something ?
I don't know what's going wrong and the documentation don't really help.

Thank you.
Best Regards

3 replies

Potentially low-hanging fruit, but is your ESX using a standard vSwitch or a Distributed vSwitch? I've been away from VMware for awhile, but last I checked you couldn't do LACP with a standard vSwitch.
Hello Eric,

I tried to remove the brigde-vide definition and the MTU definition on swp35.
The CumulusLinux don't report warning or errors after the "ifreload -a" command.
But on my VSphere client, it doesn't work.
I'm testing the LACP on the Vswitch which is bringing Vmotion. So i try to replace a Virtual Machine from an esxi to an other but
I have this error :

Thankk you.
Best Regards
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Remove the bridge-vids definition from the swp35 interface. Only the parent bond (lacp-swp35) should have that. I also recommend defining the MTU either at the parent OR child level but not both.

Let me know how that works!