ldap active directory blog post pictures are not displayed.

The pictures on the blog post https://support.cumulusnetworks.com/hc/en-us/articles/204383797-LDAP-on-Cumulus-Linux-Using-Server-2008-Active-Directory do not show up. Also I'd recommend updating how you can get the Domain SID info. Found out you can just use "get-addomain" powershell command. One of the attributes shown is "DomainSID". Much easier than the original method described in the post.

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Hi Stanley,

Thanks for update suggestion. I have been working on those docs quite a bit, and was not aware there are pictures missing. I fixed it.

If I remember, when this doc was originally written, it was based on AD Server 2008. Does that command exist in 2008 as well? I see it in Server 2012. I will be creating an updated doc for Server 2012 as a few things have changed.

I'm using Windows 2012 as well. So not sure about windows 2008.
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Oh, ok. I will keep it in mind for the 2012 doc. I have found however, the filters do not require the DomainSID when working with Server2012. Here are the filter strings I used:
# Most basic working example with AD/LDAP  filter passwd (&(&(objectClass=person)(uidNumber=*))(unixHomeDirectory=*)(|(memberOf=CN=cl_admin,CN=Users,DC=rdu,DC=cumulusnetworks,DC=com)(memberOf=CN=cl_user,CN=Users,DC=rdu,DC=cumulusnetworks,DC=com)))
map passwd uid sAMAccountName
map passwd gecos displayName
map passwd homeDirectory unixHomeDirectory

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Thanks for reporting this, Stanley! And thanks for the fix, Jason.