LLDP-MED Configuration

I need some help with LLDP-MED configuration in Cumulus, some examples would be perfect.
I got a Cisco IP-PHONE 7941G that seems to be loading up with the default "TIA - Network Policy" as,
Tagged: No
Which finally changes to,
Tagged: No
vlan Id 4095
Then the IPHONE gets a IP on the data vlan (untagged vlan) instead of the voice (tagged)....
So, I did some captures I don't see any "TIA - Network Policy" been advertise from the Edgecore switch on the LLDP_MULTICAST address to help out the IP-Phone get the right policy, and set tagged: yes, vlan id: X, Therefore I am assuming I need to configure it.
I have seen examples for Juniper network, but nothing on Cumulus!
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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These settings exist within the manpage for lldpcli. Search for "network policy". The /etc/lldp.d/README.conf is the file where the changes can be made persistently. I have not configured these settings before but something like this will get you close.

sudo su
echo "configure med policy application voice tagged vlan 4094" >> /etc/lldp.d/README.conf
systemctl restart lldpd

Hope that helps!
I had it almost right..
I missed the keyword "tagged".
This seems to work, the Phone got an IP on the right VLAN (tagged), I will try to connect a PC behind it and see if it gets an IP on the DATA VLAN(untagged).