Mixed versions CumulusLinux

  • 12 February 2019
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My Organization have planed to upgrade our switchs runnin CumulusLinux 2.x.y to 3.7.0.
I would like to know the best practice, should I upgrade one switch and the other just after or can I upgrade one switch and let the second on the old version and upgrade it one week later for example? just the time needed to confirm everything is woirking with 3.7.0 version
What do you think about it ?

Thank for your help!

2 replies

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The most important thing to understand is if CLAG is in use. If there is no CLAG you can roll individual nodes to 3.x as you like during maintenance activities.
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You might also possibly run into some routing compatibilities, and certainly will run into some configuration file incompatibilities; that is, you won't be able to move your 2.x configuration files straight to 3.7.

I would strongly recommend that you use the 3.7.3 release, by the way, not 3.7.0.

If your 2.x.y release is prior to 2.5.6, you are in really uncharted territory