MLAG and VRF Routing

  • 4 November 2018
  • 3 replies

I have a MLAG pair of switches set up and currently running OSPF.

I need to add a VRF routing instance.

do I need to create another peerlink inside the VRF?


3 replies

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From what we've seen, customers don't typically put the peerlink addresses in a separate VRF, so they work in the default routing table. We don't think putting a peerlink inside a VRF would work.
Lets say I have two companies and have two cumulus switches connected via MLAG.
The requirement is to have two separate routing tables (VRF), one for each company.
How do I make the VRF for one company be available in both switches?
Should pair the switches twice, one for each VRF? In other words have the peerlink_slave ports for each VRF?
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@DavitM I answered this on the thread you posted.