MPLS Support


According to your community manager on Twitter, Cumulus Linux does support MPLS. That is great and therefore I'd like to ask a few questions about MPLS:
  • Which MPLS functionalities do you support at the moment?
  • Do you support VPLS/VLL?
  • Which hardware does officially support MPLS?
  • Does this happen in ASIC at line-rate?
  • Does it interoperate well with common vendors Juniper, Cisco, Brocade?

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Hi Greg,

As I replied on twitter, in 140char, the information was not entirely correct.

We're working on MPLS support. The presentation that you linked to is part of that (the kernel implementation). There are however other implications as well, like the protocols that you've mentioned.

Since this is work in progress, this can change, but right now we're working on label switching based on BGP distribution of the labels. I'm not aware of VPLS support, but we are working on EVPN. This would indeed be line-rate.

Could you tell me what you're working on? Perhaps there are different solutions.

-- Attilla
mpls is not a nail, cumulus is not a hammer, you just need to find the right tool to do right thing,