Multicast in VRF for OSPF

  • 24 May 2019
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I am tryting to transplant VRF multicast support to our Linux kernel which version is 3.10.104, that's really a lot job to do, and we did it mostly.

Now, after patching this
"net: Enable support for VRF with ipv4 multicast", I think we should support multicast now.
However, the interface A enslaved to vrf-2 and we can receive peer(router with ospf enabled) multicast (ospf hello), but no multicast(ospf hello) transmitted from the enslaved interface A.

I can ping through the peer(router with ospf enabled), and get response.

I also saw the issue which show that "A socket bound to the VRF device can be used to receive packets, but Tx must specify the interface to send packets." I really do not understand that well, should I modify ospfd (quagga) to support normal ospf (send hello) multicast ?
Is there a way to make the kernel support send multicast to all enslaved devices ? you know, we have multiple enslaved devices, and there are many programs may need send multicast packet like rip, ospfd, igmp ...

Best answer by Pete B 29 May 2019, 00:17

@hiweeds nope it’s only supported in user space.
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3 replies

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@hiweeds did you get an answer your question in the other thread?
@hiweeds did you get an answer your question in the other thread?
Actually, I still want to know if it possible to support that in kernel ?
The other thread really do a favor to me, I am waiting for a better solution...
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@hiweeds nope it’s only supported in user space.