My Cumulus shortcut commands.

  • 25 June 2015
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Bash allows you to easily create command aliases so I can customize my workflow around key activities. Makes it easier to remember where commands live. This is my .bashrc alias that I use when navigating around Cumulus Linux # $HOME/.bashrc ---- showcpu="top" showtemp=smonctl showl2config='less /etc/network/interfaces' showl3config='less /etc/quagga/Quagga.conf' showlog='less -N /var/log/syslog' ---- Bash has auto-completion which helps me a lot because I forget commands. To get to my list of shortcut commands I type "show", followed by tab, and I can see the options. # show[tab] showcpu showtemp showl2config showl3config showlog I update my $HOME/.bashrc file with new shortcut commands as my experience grows I normally push my bash alias files to the switch using "scp" "my-laptop-pc# scp cumulusw/bashrc stanley@switch10:.bashrc" I will update this in the future as I learn more shortcuts. Reference:

1 reply

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Did you ever come up with any more shortcuts, skamithi? 🙂