nclu shows interface that doesn't exist in /etc/network/interfaces

  • 18 October 2018
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When I run nclu to show the switch configuration I'm seeing an interface that does not exist on on switch as far as i can tell.

# net show conf
interface swp1-54

Looking at /etc/network/interfaces I don't see this as an interface.

Obviously attempting to do `net del int swp1-54` wont' work as nclu is regex matching that against all the individual swp interfaces...

It doesn't show up as a interface via `net show int` either. I'm at a loss for how to remove this from the nclu configuration.

Is there any way to remove this or to get nclu to "reload" its configuration from the system files? I've Tried restarting netd as well but that doesn't seem to have made any difference.

1 reply

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What version of Cumulus Linux/VX are you running? Can you show us more of the output please?

Does it appear if you run `net show conf files`?

Thanks @roryschramm !