'net add interface' Command to enable all the interfaces at once

  • 17 September 2018
  • 2 replies

Is there a command to enable all the interfaces at once using a word like 'all' instead of specifying the interface ranges with hyphens and commas manually

I am looking for something like this - net add interface all -- this doesn't exist
instead of
net add interface swp1-2,swp30-40

any other equivalent command which serves this functionality can also help like ip link set etc.

2 replies

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Hi @shakir there isn't a way to do this, either with NCLU or ifupdown. In general, it's not a best practice to bring up all the ports. So you'll have to use globs to specify the ports, as you show above.
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Sometimes what I will do here is:
net add interface swp1-54
net commit

This will turn on all the ports in an L3 ipv6 only mode which is great and safe to verify cabling.