netq - clarification on no support for mgmt-vrf


Can anyone clarify the netq documentation that says 'Interoperability with management VRF is not supported'

does that mean it's just not MGMT VRF aware, and thus traffic between netq agent and redis server must use front-panel ports, or does it mean netq simply will not work at all if you are leveraging management VRF?

this looks like a fantastic tool and I want to start testing it out, but we use management VRF in our environment (and thus all our VX testing uses it too)



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Hi Will,

I haven't explicitly tested, but I believe as long as the redis server is reachable via the front-panel ports in the default VRF, everything should work.

Today, the NetQ service isn't VRF aware. This capability should be available in a future version of the package.
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Hi Will,

I was able to give this a quick try in VX, and it looks like NetQ may not be working when the management VRF is enabled. Let me do some more checking and get back to you.