netshow lldp broken in 2.5.7?

seems Netshow lldp output is broken in 2.5.7 after you do a dist-upgrade.

Vanilla 2.5.7 loaded from ONIE netshow lldp output produces expected details, however after doing apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade, you get this back from "netshow lldp":

user@switch:~$ netshow lldp--------------------------------------------------------------------
To view the legend, rerun "netshow" cmd with the "--legend" option
Local Port Speed Mode Remote Port Remote Host Summary
------------ ------- ------ -- ------------- -------------- ---------

an empty table.

lldpcli command still shows everything, however.

anyone else seen this?

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forgot to add -- haven't noticed anything else broken inside netshow command outputs, except this one command
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Are you doing this in Cumulus VX or Cumulus Linux? I just did this in VX and was unable to replicate the issue.

this is on real switch running Cumulus. Dell 10G swtich, can't recall the model number. in lab on vanilla 2.5.7 install I had lldp neighbor output running the command; dist-upgrade and reboot, no LLDP info in output. not a crushing issue, but something I found odd
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This is odd. Couple of questions: 1. What is the version of LLDP on the switch that is not playing nicely? 2. Is there anything installed on the switch that could be interfering with the output?
it looks like it is Version: lldpd 2016-03-07

LLDP itself is running fine so far as I can tell -- the command " sudo lldpcli show neighbors" reports neighbors as expected; neighboring switch sees the Cumulus switch in its neighbor table, etc. Issue seems to be more specific to netshow lldp command -- it just doesn't return any data. tried with --json option as well, and it returns '{}' -- blank values

as to number 2, nothing installed on the switch -- loaded 2.5.7 cumulus via ONIE, configured interfaces and quagga, thats it. after the dist-upgrade, this one particular netshow command doesn't appear to work. version details of netshow:

Netshow Version:
netshow-core: 1.1.3
netshow-cumulus: 1.1.6
netshow-linux: 1.1.6



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2.5.7VX seems to work as expected... root@leaf1:/home/vagrant# cat /etc/lsb-release DISTRIB_ID="Cumulus Linux" DISTRIB_RELEASE=2.5.7 DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=2.5.7-753304d-201603071654-build root@leaf1:/home/vagrant# lldpctl swp1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LLDP neighbors: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interface: swp1, via: LLDP, RID: 1, Time: 0 day, 00:02:55 Chassis: ChassisID: mac 08:00:27:8a:39:05 SysName: leaf2 SysDescr: Cumulus Linux version 2.5.6 running on innotek GmbH VirtualBox MgmtIP: Capability: Bridge, off Capability: Router, on Port: PortID: ifname swp1 PortDescr: swp1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- root@leaf1:/home/vagrant# netshow lldp -------------------------------------------------------------------- To view the legend, rerun "netshow" cmd with the "--legend" option -------------------------------------------------------------------- Local Port Speed Mode Remote Port Remote Host Summary ------------ ------- -------------- ---- ------------- -------------- --------- swp1 10G IntTypeUnknown ==== swp1 leaf2 swp2 10G IntTypeUnknown ==== swp2 leaf2

I just checked on my cumulus switches: Edge-Core AS6701-32X-C and AS5712-54X-B, and netshow lldp it's working fine. Cumulus Linux, on both switches, have been upgraded from 2.5.6 to 2.5.7 using apt-get.
Below is the output for AS6701:

cumulus@cumulus-atlas-sw1$ cat /etc/lsb-release
DISTRIB_ID="Cumulus Linux"
cumulus@cumulus-atlas-sw1$ netshow lldp
To view the legend, rerun "netshow" cmd with the "--legend" option
Local Port Speed Mode Remote Port Remote Host Summary
------------ ---------- ---------- ---- ----------------- -------------------------- -----------------------
eth0 1G Mgmt ==== gi3/0/3 IP:
swp1 40G(QSFP+) BondMember ==== swp1 Master: peerlink(UP)
swp13 40G(QSFP+) BondMember ==== fortyGigE 1/45 Master: mxl1link(UP)
swp14 40G(QSFP+) BondMember ==== fortyGigE 1/41 Master: mxl1link(UP)
swp15 40G(QSFP+) BondMember ==== fortyGigE 0/45 Master: mxl1link(UP)
swp16 40G(QSFP+) BondMember ==== fortyGigE 0/41 Master: mxl1link(UP)
swp17 40G(QSFP+) BondMember ==== fortyGigE 1/53 Master: mxl2link(UP)
swp18 40G(QSFP+) BondMember ==== fortyGigE 1/49 Master: mxl2link(UP)
swp19 40G(QSFP+) BondMember ==== fortyGigE 0/45 Master: mxl2link(UP)
swp2 40G(QSFP+) BondMember ==== swp2 Master: peerlink(UP)
swp20 40G(QSFP+) BondMember ==== fortyGigE 0/41 Master: mxl2link(UP)
swp21s0 10G(4x10G) BondMember ==== Eth1/1 c5k-atlas-workers Master: c5klink(UP)
swp21s1 10G(4x10G) BondMember ==== Eth1/2 c5k-atlas-workers Master: c5klink(UP)
swp21s2 10G(4x10G) BondMember ==== Eth1/3 c5k-atlas-workers Master: c5klink(UP)
swp21s3 10G(4x10G) BondMember ==== Eth1/4 c5k-atlas-workers Master: c5klink(UP)
swp23s0 10G(4x10G) BondMember ==== 00:07:43:11:e8:c7 Master: atlasgwlink(UP)
swp23s1 10G(4x10G) BondMember ==== 00:07:43:11:e8:cf Master: atlasgwlink(UP)
swp23s2 10G(4x10G) BondMember ==== 00:07:43:11:e5:2f Master: atlasgwlink(UP)
swp23s3 10G(4x10G) BondMember ==== 00:07:43:11:e5:27 Master: atlasgwlink(UP)
swp3 40G(QSFP+) BondMember ==== swp3 Master: peerlink(UP)
swp4 40G(QSFP+) BondMember ==== swp4 Master: peerlink(UP)
cumulus@cumulus-atlas-sw1$ netshow --version
Netshow Version:
netshow-core: 1.1.3
netshow-cumulus: 1.1.6
netshow-linux: 1.1.6