oobm with a single switch

  • 18 October 2017
  • 2 replies

We have a very small network with a single cumulus switch. (And a second HP POE switch). How can I connect to the management port Eth0? I'm assuming it would be a very bad idea to connect it to the data plane ports with a patch cable. But I have no other ideas at the moment?

2 replies

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Yes, this is a difficult scenario. The idea of out-of-band management implies the production traffic runs "in-band". Since you only have one switch, there are not really 2 separate data planes. In this case, you can plug the eth0 into the HP switch, or the frontpanel ports (which is not a bad idea if that is all you can do), but I would not consider this out-of-band. Obviously you have to consider what you want to use eth0 for, and what other infrastructure you can use to reach the device.
Hi Jason,
Thank you for the quick response. I know it's not oob, but all I really need is a way for my workstation to configure the switch for day to day stuff. Should I really eff up, then I could use my laptop plugged directly into eth0. Not an ideal setup, but it gets me out of a bind.
Thanks again