Opinion / advise refurbished / second hand 48p x 10gb switches

  • 13 July 2017
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We will soon start with our own colocation which will offer hosting solutions.

We want to start with at least 2x 48p x 10gb with some xx uplink ports. We are considering to buy refurbished hardware, can someone reply with some pro's and con's ? How much " bettter" is new hardware comparing to 3 year old hardware, will we be missing some major functions in combination with cumulus ?

a supplier offered me this switches which are about 25% of the old list price:

Arista DCS-7050S-64-F
Cisco 3K-C3064PQ-10GX
Cisco N3K-C3172PQ-10GE

Looking forward for your reply.

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JK, I would not purchase any of these switches as none of them will be able to offer you the opportunity to run Cumulus Networks OS on them. They are proprietary switches that only run the vendors own OS.

If you are looking for true value, openness and flexibility you should consider buying bare-metal switches and running an Open OS, such as Cumulus on them. You will probably find that new bare-metal switches are still cheaper than refurbished second-had switches. Here is a link to all bare-metal switches supporting Cumulus.


Using an OS such as Cumulus Linux will also allow you to automate many of the manual processes that you will need to carry out when deploying proprietary switches. A large number of our customers are Co-Lo, Hosting and Managed Service Providers, who chose us because of the tremendous savings they can make in both capex and opex expenditure. Cumulus is easy to install using the ONIE installer and many of our partners will install this for you, if you are unfamiliar with a Linux environment. Cumulus will also do this for you via the Cumulus Express platform.

For more information on how to purchase Cumulus, feel free to contact me.

Here is a quote from a customer in a similar environment to you:

The CX devices we ended up buying ended up at a considerably lower price point than equivalent models from Juniper or Arista,
Paul Gracie pgracie@cumulusnetworks.com
Th PG ! i check the list many times.... its getting a hobby to see whats the most cost efficient solution. another example.. at this moment quanta delivers this 2 models:
  1. 48X10G + 6X40G QUANTA T3048-LY8 BMS WITH ONIE
  2. 48X10G + 6X40G QUANTA T3048-LY9 BMS WITH ONIE
The T3048LY8 is older and now for sale for almost 50% less then the ly9. So i compared both models.... but the only thing i see is the weight which is reduced. All specs like cpu, ram, support features etc are the same.... something like this would make me consider buying the ly8... let me know your thoughts. Ps i will contact you.

Thx for replying ! JK
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The LY8 and LY9 are basically the same, with the LY9 being primarily 10GBase-T:
- LY8: 48x10G & 4x40G
- LY9: 48x10GT & 4x40G

Also note that these only have four useable 40G ports as we do not support the 2x 20G QSFP stack ports...