PCP to DSCP mapping

  • 3 January 2017
  • 2 replies

Packet ingress with layer 2 trunk port and have 802.1Q header with PCP value.
Packet egress with layer 3 routed port and have only DSCP value.
Does Cumulus support mapping PCP to DSCP ?

2 replies

Packet come with layer 2 802.1Q header, PCP is mark as 3. We need this PCP for packet classification and do lossless support (like PFC) when packet go out of the switch.
Currently if we do VxLAN encap, VxLAN will strip this 802.1Q header and only keep IP DSCP information. That is why we need mapping PCP to DSCP.
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Yinghao Li,

At present time there is no support for this in Cumulus Linux. What are you attempting to accomplish with this setup? Perhaps we can suggest an alternative.