Query about vlan

Compute A and Compute B are connected to Cumulus Switch.
Compute A is able to Ping Compute B by default without vlans. We expected that the ping between Compute A and Compute B
is not possible when a vLAN is created between Compute A -> Cumulus switch (There are no vlans created at Compute B side).
But even after creating vlans, we are able to ping. FYI, the ping is routed through the vLan port and Vlans are created using “ip link” command.

Cumulus Side /etc/network/interfaces

iface lo inet loopback
auto lo
iface eth0 inet dhcp
auto eth0
iface br0
auto br0
bridge-ports swp1s0 swp1s2
bridge-vlan-aware yes

vLAN is created using,
ip link add link swp1s0 name swp1s0.10 type vlan id 10 gvrp on where, Compute A is connected to swp1s0 and Compute B is connected to swp1s2.


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Hey Nivas,

You are combining two bridge types here (VLAN-aware and traditional).

Also not sure why you are using gvrp, why?
Yes, we found out our mistakes and corrected. Also thanks for your link. Its working as expected now.
Our understanding is that GVRP is used to make vlan for port participation otherwise we need to do it manual.

One more question is,

though we can see arp packets at the Cumulus switch (tcpdump -I swp1s1 arp), we are unable to see the icmp packets.

In the same configuration above,
Compute A is able to ping Compute B (no vlans). Compute A is connected to SWP1S1 port of Cumulus switch. We expect to see the ping packet, when we do tcpdump on SWP1S1 port. But its not showing up, strangely we could see ARP packets if I do arping.


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Can you provide output of "netshow interface" and "brctl show" and "bridge -c vlan show"