Routing scalability

  • 17 December 2018
  • 3 replies

I'm new to Cumulus Linux, mainly interested in FRRouting. I'm just curious if any scalability test for routing is done on the platform.

3 replies

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Hey @toshi , welcome to Cumulus!

Extensive testing is done against FRR for all the supported routing protocols. Is there a particular aspect of scalability you're interested in that I can comment on or ask a developer to address for you?
Hi Eric, thanks for the reply. My question is just in general scalability, like number of routes, or number of neighbors, or those kind of metrics, apparently it will depend on platform where the stack runs, so if you guys already have some number as a reference, it is really great, thanks!
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When run as a vrouter, the FRR stack can take full tables without a problem of I recall we test with multiple full tables for some of our max scalability testing and optimization. As you point out, hardware capacity for your switching platform will guide the functional maximums for route scale of what can be installed. As far as maximum neighbors the recommended value I quote is 350. But that is dependent on the quantity of routes being exchanged etc. On the whole, the FRR stack is very robust.